Men’s Bible Study: The Ten Commandments from the Backside

While the Ten Commandments are known throughout the world, it’s not often that we are offered a fresh take on them. 

The Bible study The Ten Commandments from the Back Side approaches the Ten Commandments through a unique starting point, a creative retelling, a new “lens,” or the eyes of a minor character.

The 10-week Bible study designed for men will explore how these “prohibitive” laws actually are our dear friends, intended to make life richer and more fulfilling. Through contemporary illustrations and personal experience, we’ll explore how these timeless laws give us an appetite for divine excellence.

Pastor Earl Reed will lead this study, which begins on Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 110. 

Registration for the study is due by Monday, Dec. 30. The office will order a book for you at a cost of $12. Register below or call the church office at 402-371-2785. 

  • The Ten Commandments from the Backside

    This study will meet weekly for one hour for 10 weeks. You will not need an annotated Bible for this study.
  • Price: $12.00 Quantity:
    If you would like to reimburse the church for your study book, the cost is $12. Money will be collected at the first study. You will not need an annotated Bible for this study.
  • Christian Believer

    Meets weekly for 2.5 hours. Ends in April 2020. In addition to the study books, you will need a Study Bible. You are welcome to purchase an annotated Bible below; you may also buy one on your own, or use a Study Bible that you already have.
  • Study Bible

    We recommend the following Study Bibles and we will be happy to order one on your behalf. Due to fluctuations in price, the sale price below is an estimate. You will receive the exact price upon delivery. If you wish to purchase a Bible, please check the appropriate box.
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