Adventure Awaits

at Camp Fontanelle

Why Attend Camp Fontanelle?

Connect with God

There's something about being surrounded by nature and other believers that helps strengthen your relationship with God. Camp Fontanelle removes the barriers and gives youth the space to notice, contemplate and relate with God.

Develop Skills

Camp Fontanelle nurtures leadership and builds skills. Learn God's purpose when choosing attitudes, direction and action. Camp activities are focused on developing communication, teamwork, problem solving and making friends while having fun.

Appreciate Nature

Camp forces kids to put down the electronics and experience God's gift of nature. Communicate with God through His creation. Camp Fontanelle offers a variety of outdoor activities like tree climbing, laser tag, a zip line and treeboats.

About Camp Fontanelle

Camp Fontanelle is located just north of Fremont, Nebraska. Camp Fontanelle facilities include treeboats, an archery range, a low ropes course, campfires, hiking trails, a zip line, swimming pool, challenge course and more. But more than the amazing facilities, Camp Fontanelle is…laughing with new friends around the campfire, swimming in the outdoor pool, playing in the open fields, going on a night hike and eating s’mores.

2019 Camp Schedule

Family Camp. Kick off your summer reconnecting with your loved ones as you enjoy the fellowship, fun, and beauty of Camp Fontanelle. Family camp is a great way to unplug from the distractions of today’s world and plug into God and family. Join in fellowship and community at worship or meals, with lots of pick and choose time. RVs are welcome for this camp, with 5 stalls available.
$116/person | June 21 (5 pm) – June 23 (Worship 1:30 pm)

Guardian Angel. Welcome to Camp! Children will celebrate their first Christian camping experience with a favorite Guardian Angel (mom, dad, grandparent, aunt or uncle). Come experience heartwarming moments and make long lasting memories at our Guardian Angel Camps. Please register each person attending separately (child & adult).
F101 | $82/person | May 28 (2 pm) – May 29 (Worship 1:30 pm) |  Dean: Darla Langendorfer
F102 | $82/person | July 6 (2 pm) – July 7 (Worship 1:30 pm)  |  Dean: Braden Garwood

SonShine. Soak up some SONshine at Camp Fontanelle. Bring your favorite adult with you and share in the complete camping experience: swimming, music, games, crafts, hikes, campfires and Bible study. Come discover the joys of camp with 3 days of fun in the Son action at SONshine Camp! Please register each person attending separately (child & adult).
F103 | $164/person | May 30 (2 pm) – June 1 (Worship 1:30 pm)  |  Dean: Stephanie Nelson
F104 | $164/person | June 27 (2 pm) – June 29 (Worship 3:30 pm) | Dean: Staff

Day Camp • Introduce young children to the exciting world of camp with faith lessons designed for them. Each day will provide fun-filled opportunities at camp including arts and crafts, swimming, fun in the corn maze, time in the barn, nature hikes, and much, much more. Day Camp includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with early drop off at 7:30 a.m. and pick up by 6:30 p.m. each day. Sign-up also for pick-up and drop-off in Fremont.
F105 | $260 | July 29 (2 pm) – Aug. 2 (Program 4:30 pm) | Dean: Morgan Kramer

Boys Only • It’s guy time at camp. Explore the woods, sleep under the stars in treeboats, play many outdoor games, go swimming, campfires, and other
activities boys like to do. Build a floating ship for competition and win special prize badges for completing camp activities. We’ll not only learn about God but also discover what it means to live in community with other brothers in Christ.
F202 | $256 | June 30 (2 pm) – July 3 (Worship 10:30 am) | Dean: Rev. Prather

Splish Splash • Check out the coolest place in Nebraska! Splish Splash will beat the heat with water fun in the sun as you grow in the Son! We will not only experience water but learn about its spiritual significance for our lives. Enjoy our exciting trips as well, including a water park and ice-skating! Make
sure you bring several bathing suits and be prepared to get Splashed!
F203 | $345 | July 8 (2 pm) – July 12 (Worship 1:30 pm)  |  Deans: Ethan Porter & Rev. Matt Fowler

Tree Monkeys • Go climb a tree! Yep, come and check out the best view at Fontanelle from the treetops! When you’re not in the trees, you’ll enjoy swimming, games, hiking and sleeping in treeboats under the trees and most importantly learning and experiencing God’s Love! Tree Monkey Camp continues to be a highlight of the summer.
F301 | $320 | June 10 (2 pm) – June 14 (Worship 1:30 pm)  |  Dean: Karen Hutton & Michele Bonewell

Inspiring Hope • This camp offers healing and hope to kids who have gone through the loss of a loved one. It is designed to help kids better understand the process of grief and provide an atmosphere of healing, acceptance and active listening. Hope is cultivated through small groups, worship, prayer, scripture, music and a compassionate staff. Come experience hope this summer! (Scholarships available)
F502 | $225 | June 30 (2 pm) – July 3 (Worship 1:30 pm)  |  Dean: Rev. Chad & Trista Boling

Zoobilee • Sleeping with the fishes and sharks! First, you’ll experience God’s world at Camp Fontanelle with swimming, games, crafts and hikes. Then you’ll experience God’s world by spending ONE night at the Henry Doorly Zoo with a personal tour and a day of zoo fun. In addition, we will have lots of new and exciting animals to discover at camp in our Critter Cove!
F303 | $345 | June 24 (2 pm) – June 27 (Worship 1:30 pm)  |  Dean: Rev. Michelle Reed

Girls Only – Girl Power • Girl time and adventure, experience an ideal environment to encourage sisterly love and acceptance. Take time
to deepen your relationship with God. Optional recreational tree climbing on ropes wearing a harness. Enjoy the zipline and jumping pillow and sleep a night in treeboats under the stars. We will also experience A-frame sleeping and much more of what Camp Fontanelle has to offer.
F401 | $320 | June 17 (2 pm) – June 21 (Worship 10:30 am)  |  Deans: Rev. Lyn Seiser & Kate Laing

Joyful Noise • Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth!” (Psalm 100:1) God has blessed all of us with gifts and skills. Whether they be music, dance, art, writing, or something else spectacular, they bring us closer to Him. Join us this summer to learn how to use our gifts to put on a performance/service at the end of the week at a local church. We will learn how to develop your gifts (or discover new ones!) while having an awesome camp activity filled week. Through nights of campfire worship and developing the end-of-the-week service, a joyful noise will be made!
F601 | $372 | July 10 (2 pm) – July 14 (Meal/Worship 1 pm) | Dean: Haley Martin

Sports Camp • It’s time to get off the sidelines and get in the game: soccer, basketball, volleyball, Gaga, swimming, flag football, and a whole lot
more. Experience our exciting camp activities as well like zipline and tree climbing. Sports camp will help young players, both on and off the field, build confidence and develop skills. We will focus on the values of teamwork, and cooperation in a world of competition. How do we grow as Christian athletes? New this year is a field trip to University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Campers are welcome to bring a favorite ball/frisbee and money for souvenirs.
F202 | $384 | July 15 (2 pm) – July 20 (Worship 10:30 am) | Dean: Rev. Joel Coleman

F.R.O.G. • Fully Rely On God at Camp Fontanelle’s favorite froggy camp, while fully relying on friendships and God! Grow in your faith with your friends as you learn to rely on God through all of life’s challenges! This camp is designed as a retreat away from the busyness of life. We step away from time and schedule for the purpose of getting away – truly a time to fully rely on God. We praise God through music, games, a special night hike, campfire worship and much more!
F501 | $320 | July 15 (2 pm) – July 19 (Worship 1:30 pm) | Dean: Allison Thorn

Confirmation • Join our local District Superintendents and get a jump-start on your confirmation journey! Designed for group building, this camp will
prepare students and equip the adults who lead confirmation. It is designed for pastors to bring their confirmation class to cover the basics of confirmation training. Attend with your church confirmation class. Each church sending a camper must also provide an adult to sponsor and/or teach.
F604 | $233 | June 10 (4 pm) – June 13 (Worship 10:30 am)  |  Dean: Rev. Emily Cannon
F603 | $233 | June 24 (11 am) – June 27 (Worship 3:30 pm)  |  Dean: Rev. Cindi Stewart

Road Rules – Send Me • Get a clue and hit the road! You’ll work hard and you’ll play hard, as you are God’s hands here on earth! You will spend
some of your time at the camp and some working on mission projects in the area. Are you ready to serve? Come on, Let’s GO!
F605 | $380 | July 29 (10 am) – Aug 2 (Worship 1:30 pm) | Dean: Chris Kellogg

Survivor • Journey with us into the wilderness to encounter God in new ways. Learn how to trust in God and in your fellow travelers as you overcome various challenges. Working together in teams, you will build shelters and sleep in them. Learn various survival skills for life and your walk with Christ. You’ll also participate in the challenge course, launch a spear with an atlatl, climb trees, laser tag, zipline, go tubing on the river and enjoy the water slide. Our week concludes with the exciting “banana relay!”
F605 | $372 | July 22 (2 pm) – July 27 (Worship 1:30 pm) | Dean: Rev. Phil Sloat

Adventure Camp • Come enjoy this weekend adventure with other high school kids. From tubing down the river to spending the weekend in the caves this will be a weekend you won’t want to miss – jam packed with fun and adventure lazer tag camo-style. Adventure into God’s unknown! Friends
recommended but not required.
F607 | $145 | June 6 (4 pm) – June 8 (Worship 1:30 pm) | Dean: Ethan Nutter

Joyful Noise • Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth!” (Psalm 100:1) Music, drama and dance are all skills that God has given us to help bring us into a deeper relationship with Him. Join us this summer as we learn how Jesus can use our many gifts to answer His call to ministry. At the end of the week we will combine our talents to lead a worship service at a local church. We also will grow spiritually through campfire worship and enjoy many of the fun activities that Camp Fontanelle provides!
F601 | $372 | July 9 (2 pm) – July 14 (Meal/Worship 1 pm)  | Dean: Aaron Bostwick

Ladies of Faith • Calling all teen girls for a week of faith at Fontanelle. Build relationships and talk with girls who desire to strengthen their faith in Christ. This camp provides all the camp fun of girls only but allows for deeper conversation around relevant topics that teenage girls face today. Discover what it means to experience intentional Christian community!
F402 | $320 | June 17 (2 pm) – June 21 (Worship 10:30 am)  |  Deans: Rev. Lyn Seiser & Kate Laing

Advance Survivor • Take on an exciting new adventure into God’s creation. It’s Survivor at a whole new level! Experience incredible views as we travel over 30 miles down the Elkhorn River. We will carry all gear needed for the 3 day/2 night trip in the canoes. Participants must be able to fit all their bedding, clothing and personal items into a 79 quart/63 liter heavy duty sealable tote. A special packing list will be provided. You must have attended Survivor Camp before or have previous canoeing or kayaking experience.
F608 | $375 | July 29 (11 am) – Aug. 2 (Worship 10:30 am)  |  Dean: Rev. Phil Sloat

Kids who attend faith-based camps are over three times more likely to keep up with their faith five years into the future as compared to children who did not.

Source: Effective Camp Research Project

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Helpful Information

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Complete all registration materials. This includes:

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  2. Camper Health History Form
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Send materials to Camp Fontanelle (do not send to the church). 

Camp Specials

Sonshine and Guardian Angel camps are half price if registrations are postmarked or received by March 31.

Returning campers can attend for ¾ price if they bring a new, first-time camper to camp with them who can also then attend at ¾ listed price. The new camper must be a first time Camp Fontanelle summer camper. This offer is not good with any other offers.

Siblings of the same household attending week long camps, help each other save on cost. Sibling #1 pays full price, sibling #2 takes 25% off, sibling #3 and beyond takes off 50%.; Ask for this discount, not good with other offers.

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Camp changes lives by bringing kids closer to God!

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